Friday, 12 April 2013

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

It would be somewhat lazy of me not to report from the British Blog of Oz, of a controversial Oz connection that is happening right now in the UK.
It would seem rather odd that I find myself writing about Margaret Thatcher and Oz in the same sentence Blog! 

However I now find the two subjects linked in a very British way, Margaret Thatcher divides opinion in the UK and the world,  to the point where some mourn the death of a great powerful Woman and are thus preparing a lavish 10 million Pound funeral and out pouring of respect for a strong formidable political woman.

Others have taken a different view and in protest at the out pouring of respect given to the Iron lady that there is a large group of people dedicated to ensuring that The MGM Musical  "Ding, Dong the Witch is dead" is currently going strong at number one in the UK charts. In defiance of the such a lavish funeral when the British country again is being made to tighten it's belt! Also to signify as a loud shout against what Margaret Thatcher and her politics stood for.

It's to an extent distasteful, however I can understand why there is a venom against old Maggie Thatcher, I can't say I was a fan, although I find her persona fascinating, perhaps this is due to the fact I am an 80’s child I lived in the shadow of Thatcher Premiership as I was born in 1979 the year she was elected Prime Minister.
Here was the first woman in British Politic's to take on a man's role, showing a country of women that they could do this to! Only this woman was completing lack in any compassion, she did a lot to change England and help businesses and the well off the working class and poor had to scrape along the bottom for 11 eleven years. 

distinctly remember growing up in the 80's and we did not have much money neither did most of the rest of the working class I also distinctly remember my Mum having to hold down three jobs to keep 3 children, one full time job and two part time jobs I really don't know how she did it. Once Thatcher and the conservative were out in the 90's Money looked up for most of us.

Thatcher did nothing positive for Gay Rights in-fact she set Gay rights back years by bringing in Section 28 which prevented any intentional promotion of homosexuality in Education Thatcher said "That said this Children who need to be taught to respect traditional moral values are being taught that they have an inalienable right to be gay". 

"And children who need encouragement—and children do so much need encouragement—so many children—they are being taught that our society offers them no future. All of those children are being cheated of a sound start in life—yes cheated.Of course—in the country as a whole—there are plenty of excellent teachers and successful schools.And in every good school, and every good teacher, is a reminder of what too many young people are denied."

Her comparison with a Wicked Witch are not for many of us without merit, Thatcher had a very totalitarian approach and was with out compassion for the common and the last remaining product of high class boys club style  establishment. 
For a woman who self promoted herself by saying she loved a debate and democracy, many saw her as I do as a dictatorship particularly toward the end of her reign.

I shall not miss Margaret Thatcher's Polictics, on the women I didn't know her so I cannot possiblly miss her. One thing is for sure and has been quoted frequently in the Margaret Thatcher will never be forgot. Was she like Elphaba in Wicked miss understood? Or Like the Real Wicked Witch of the West, an unsympathetic dictator? History will tell.

When Great Britain next Elect's a female Prime Minster, lets hope that it is some one with kindness and warmth for the common person! Someone who is steely in face adversity but never forgets who put them there and that they are there to serve everyone in their country and don't forget to listen to those who matter most.

That enough politics for this blog in a while altough Oz has been linked to poltics several times before.

I am still part through writing my Oz: The Great and POwerful Review and the Oz book favourite number 7, although this comes at a time when I am very busy and preparing a presentation for Winkies which will affect the blog posts,

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