Sunday, 11 November 2012

Rainbow Connections - 1903 Musical & 1939 MGM

This 1960's The Wizard of Oz LP happens to be the first Oz item to start my collection! 
I've had it since I was about 5, my Mum bought it for me from a charity shop, or Goodwill store in the US. It is much loved and careworn! You can see a little nibble at the top right corner courtesy of my dog "Ozzy" who I had when I was 19.

I remember being fascinated with the way Dorothy's apron sits on her dress! 
I didn't realise when I was that young that it wasn't Judy Garland singing but a Roberta Rex there  are no original casts member singing from the movie.

This is actually a budget 1960's release after a little hunting around apparently this EMI label was an easy listening budget label which churned out lots of cover version with Geoff Love and his Orchestra there is even a Star Wars and space themes LP around.

Now take a good close look at the back cover, come on you know the story just by looking at the cover right?
You know the one where Dorothy Dale is swept away with her pet Cow Imogene to the land of Oz and kills a witch. Dorothy is given a magical Ring at which she brings the Scarecrow to life who then has his brain stolen, and meets up with Tin Man whose heart is stolen by Cynthia........
That's right now take a look at the third image if you click it will on it will expand, at first I thought this was some bizarre stage production in UK that had used the MGM songs but the story of the 1903 Musical. 

After telling David Maxine about this LP on his UK visit. I went into my collection and had a look again, after finding out this is a budget release, it definitely was not part of a 1960's London play shame that would of been a cool and bizarre mis-mash to research!
I can only think that the sleeve writer was very sloppy I mean Dorothy Dale? It would appear that the writer has never seen the MGM Wizard of Oz musical (is that even possible?) but might have had  access to part of the story the 1903 Musical?
Or as it was a budget release did the company not have the rights to the musical so avoided referencing the MGM story due to copyright issues, it an unusual although interesting anomaly. I do wonder how much of story background this is actually direct from the 1903 musical as it certainly isn't from the MGM story!

I'll be back next time with Oz book Favourite number 8!


  1. My first Oz collectible was color plate copy of Lost Princess which my mother "returned" to the library, never to be seen again. Oh---agony!!! Next first was a white copy of Glinda I bought new and hid (still have it.)
    Mum redeemed herself years later by turning up a big box of thirty Oz books, some first/firsts, at an estate sale. Is that a collector's dream come true or what? Needless to say, all is forgiven.

  2. I still remember the first John R Neill I had from the Library the Tinwoodman of Oz how I loathed to return it!