Monday, 8 October 2012

Ceremonies and Oz

Today 08/10/12 or yesterday depending on if reading this in the Uk or US is the second Year Civil Partnership Anniversary for my husband and I, this year is also our 10th year together! Where does Oz come into this? Well actually I have two Oz references for you from our Civil Ceremony and both tracks were played on the afternoon for our commitment ceremony. Over the Rainbow was the track of choice for when we enter the ceremony room and walked up to the registrar! Not just any Over the Rainbow we wanted to fool everyone a little bit and keep them guessing what the tracks would be, so this is no Judy Garland this is the Over the Rainbow from used on the 50 First Dates soundtrack that we adored and when I was thinking of the track to have on the day when Glee played their version of this and I knew that was the one!

 Secondly, we needed another track that meant a lot, we both loved the track to the Golden Girls opening song "Thank you for being a friend" the original by Andrew Gold was to downbeat! The Golden Girls lighter version to short a track, so I found this Valerie De la Cruz version that was just right. The Lyric's speak for themselves as to why this is a great wedding track, plus we both just love the Golden Girls and for the Oz reference? Well of course Blanche Devereaux actress the sadly deceased Rue Mclanahan had two Oz roles, one as L Frank Baum's Mother in Law Matilda Joslyn Gage in The Dreamer of Oz and the Formidable Madame Morrible in the stage version of Wicked!
These Mimic's of song will lead nicely into My Magical book favourite number 9! Sorry to not keep up on posts but life is a little busy at the moment, but I hope you'll enjoy this personal post.