Saturday, 1 September 2012

Top of the Oz Pop's!

So I've been thinking about having a Top 10 Ozzy count down. In the UK we had a music television show called the Top of the Pops on BBC 1 that used to count down the weekly music charts sadly this has been cancelled and much missed.

So over the next few weeks, I am going to count down through my top 10 personal favourite Oz books.
These will be favourites that I personally consider to be canonical Oz books, I will not be including any short stories, comic books or alternative variations on the Original series.

This is the entire list of Oz books I have to choose my top 10 from.


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 
Marvelous land of Oz
Ozma of oz
Dorothy and the wizard in Oz
The Emerald city of oz
The Patchwork girl of Oz
Tik-tok of Oz
The Scarecrow of Oz
Rinkitink in Oz
The Lost Princess of Oz
The Tin Woodman of Oz
The Magic of Oz
Glinda of Oz

Ruth Plumly Thompson

The Royal Book of Oz
Kabumpo in Oz
The Cowardly Lion of Oz
Grampa in Oz
The Lost king of Oz
The Hungry Tiger of Oz
The Gnome King of Oz
The Giant Horse of Oz
Jack Pumpkinhead of Oz
The Yellow Knight of Oz
Pirates in Oz
The Purple Prince of Oz
Ojo in Oz
Speedy in Oz
The Wishing Horse of Oz
Captain Salt in Oz
Handy Mandy in Oz
The Silver Princess in Oz
Ozoplaning with the Wizard in Oz
Yankee in Oz
The Enchanted Island of Oz
John R Neill

The Wonder City of Oz
The Scalawagon's of Oz
Lucky Bucky in Oz

Jack Snow

The Magical Mimic's in Oz
The Shaggy man of Oz

Rachel Cosgrove Payes

The Hidden Valley of Oz
The Wicked Witch of Oz 

Eloise McGraw & Lauren Lynn McGraw 

Merry Go Round in Oz
The Forbidden Fountain of Oz
The Rundlestone of Oz

Dick Martin
The Ozmapolitan of Oz

Edward Einhorn
Paradox in Oz
The Living house of Oz

Gina Wickwar
The Hidden Prince of Oz

Sherwood Smith
The Emerald Wand of Oz
Trouble Under Oz

See you next time with my Oz book in at number 10! It's a tough decision to make, as there's a lot of great Oz books, I can tell you one thing for sure you won't a John R Neill book in my Top 10!


  1. What a great idea! I know my top 5 but not beyond that. Maybe I should re-read.

    1. It's been challenging thinking of my top 10, i've had to go a little of memory. An Oz re-read is never a bad thing :)