Sunday, 9 September 2012

The iBooks of Oz

The iBooks of Oz and beyond! Part 1

iBooks for those who don't own an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad is an application from apple that turns your mobile device into an e-reader. The iBooks application is free with the above touch screen products as they run on apple's mobile operative system called iOS. Okay that is the technical introduction out of they way, yes I am an apple gadget geek and Oz fan.

The great thing about, the ibook store is that you can get stacks, of out of copyright books for free!  So it has never been a cheaper time to be an Oz book fan!
There are currently 24 pages of Oz books when you type in "Oz" via the search function on iBooks store, this information is from the British iBooks store. I suspect the inventory will not vary much from the same "Oz" search in the USA.

As a result you can download all of L Frank Baum's 14 Oz books, plus little Wizard Stories of Oz absolutely free! These are text only books for free, but if you are interested in reading and can't afford or don't want to purchase a more expensive illustrated edition these are great starting point for a new Oz fan to explore Baum's complete Oz works. I would have been ecstatic to have all of this available to me as a kid!

The free text only Oz books appear to be the text from project Gutenberg which have been formatted as an iBook, I have been aware of project Gutenberg for years, I never took to the idea of reading a book on a computer screen or printing hundreds of pages at home. The iPad is a far more accessible device to read on and carry around with you.

I have posted two screen shots from my iPad one is my iBooks library the other is page 1 from the iBooks store after typing in "Oz" (something I do often on many websites).

You can also obtain nearly all of Baum's non Oz work for free, Oz books with Neill illustrations for a small fee, interactive Oz books and Oz books by other authors.
All of which I am going to review in future posts.

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  1. Hello from the USA!
    I have Kindle Reader on my tablet, and I downloaded a stack of Oz books from Amazon about an hour after I got it. I use it to research my blog during odd free moments.
    Just love having my library with me without carrying the extra weight.
    My favorite source of late is Internet Archive
    because they have so many of the vintage books (& music, movies, etc) I review available in different formats for free and it's a safe, trustworthy website.
    I'm enjoying your blog and I can't wait to see where it "grows." Good luck to you.
    Best, Holly

  2. Howdy back! Wish I was still the USA.

    Carry all the books around on one device not worrying about damaging your collectible is very liberating, I still love physical books the most though. I'll be touching on the kindle at some point, as there is a kindle app.

    Thanks on the blog, I it is in it's infancy but I'm gathering some steam. I'll check out archive thanks and have added your blog as I wasn't aware of until now.

    Regards Colin

    1. Thanks. Visit anytime. We're open 24 hours a day.

      I prefer physical books for a lot of reasons, I can skip around, reread my favorite parts, and there's something about the feel and scent of old books that's comforting and cozy. But they're heavy and you can't watch YouTube with them.