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Andrew Lloyd Webber - Wizard of Oz Memories & Memorabilia!

Large Programme

So Nikki Haladay gave us an update on her visit to London at the world famous Palladium, where Judy Garland herself performed, Nikki was lucky to see the Wizard of Oz on Saturday, September the 1st. The show finished on Sunday 2nd after only an 18 months.
I was lucky enough to see the show twice last year, with Original London cast  - 

  • Danielle Hope as Dorothy
  • Michael Crawford as the Wizard 
  • Hanna Waddingham as the Wicked Witch of the West 
  • David Ganly as the Lion
  • Helen Walsh  as Aunt Em

The rest of the cast were as Nikki reported in yesterdays blog post.

Small Programme

Then a Second time with - 

  • Sophie Evans As Dorothy 
  • Marianne Benedict as the Wicked Witch of the West 

I am still very pleased I managed to see the show with both of the main Dorothy’s. I have collected some memorabilia from the show, Two programs one small, one large, the larger one of the two has been singed by Danielle Hope, Micheal Crawford and Sophie Evans. 

Sophie Evans as Dorothy (With Brunette Wig)
The original Cast album and the rare original CD single of Danielle Hope "Over the Rainbow" as her winners song when she won the role of Dorothy in ‘Over the Rainbow” which is a different version to the cast album.
Danielle Hope, I was proud to vote in as Dorothy, made the whole experience that bit more personal to me and she was a lovely person to boot. Her performance as Dorothy was brilliant, although she can sing, I don’t think she was as strong a singer as Judy Garland but then who is? She did give a phenomenal acting performance, with a somewhat feistier Dorothy.

Sophie Evans was great to and she did have a very lovely voice! Again a very lovely to meet.

Hannah Waddingham stole the show her performance of the Wicked of the West was deliciously demonic and it was shame she was only in the role a few months.

Paul Keating made a great Scarecrow,  Tinman - was much tougher than the MGM musical, The Cowardly Lion Gayer than ever actually proclaiming to be a friend of Dorothy.

Danielle Hope As Dorothy &
Michael Crawford as the Wizard
I enjoyed some of the new Musical Numbers

The Red Shoes Blues (see link)
As Good as Home 

I was not a fan of the opening number 
Nobody Understands Me 

Wonders of World for the Wizard is okay.

The only real addition's to production that would appear to have come from L Frank Baum's book that I could note, the Munchkins were all Blue, and the Wicked Witch refers to the Guard as her Winkies, although bizarrely they have Russian accent's, perhaps they were loaned from the Volkov's Russian version of the Wizard of Oz!

As Nikki reported the nicest touch is when Dorothy's return to Kansas, her Ruby Slippers appear in the wardrobe right at the ending showing that it wasn’t all a dream, although this did not answer why she ends up back in her old bedroom, and same fair house that had landed on a Witch. But still it's a little bit of an improvement on the MGM original although the dream thing never really bothered me that much.

Although, I won’t get to see it, I look forward to hearing of news from the Toronto performance due to start at the end of this year. 
Oz Medley 
Oz Medley 
Read Shoes Blues

Me and Sophie Evans
Me and Danielle Hope

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